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The challenges of the post-holiday period for small retailers

The holidays now being over means many things. For one, it means the winter holiday shopping season is now in the rear view mirror. Difficulties can come up in this post-holiday period for small businesses. This can particularly be the case for small businesses in the retail sector.

One challenge that can come up for such companies this time of year regards sales volume. It is a common trend among small retail businesses for sales to slump a bit in the first couple of months of a new year. Such a slump could be quite a shock for a retail business and its coffers after the busyness of the holiday shopping season.

There are various things retailers can do to try to respond to such slumps and the financial challenges they can bring about. Among these are working on new ways to bring customers in and to get the true value of their products and services across to customers.

The good news for retailers is that, while the post-holiday period can see sales slumps, it is not uncommon for sales to pick up again after the new year has seen its first couple of months. So, another thing retailers might want to do during the post-holiday period is make preparations for how to best handle things when sales pick up again.

Another type of challenge that can come up for retail businesses during the post-holiday period are difficult legal issues connected to disputes that happened during the holiday shopping season. With the many types of transactions a business can be involved in over that shopping season, both with customers and other businesses, there are a range of different disputes that could potentially come up during it. The legal issues coming out of such disputes could impact a business considerably. So, when a retailer is facing such issues, getting good legal guidance regarding them can be among the important things for the retailer to do during the post-holiday period.

Source: WNWO, “Small business owners ready for post-holiday rebound,” Jim Nelson, Jan. 4, 2017

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