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Sprucing up the premises when selling a business

A person who is interested in selling their business might assume that, as long as their business is fundamentally strong, they’ll have no problems making the sale. However, it is not just a business’ fundamentals that impact how an effort to sell the business goes. There many little details that could potentially derail such an effort if they aren’t properly attended to.

One is the condition of the physical premises of the business. If the property is messy or poorly maintained, finding a buyer for the business could become difficult, even if the business is doing well. What a company’s place of business looks like can greatly influence what a potential buyer’s first impressions of the company are. And what first impressions are formed about a business can impact how likely a prospective buyer is to become an actual buyer.

So, when putting their company onto the market, keeping the premises of the business well-maintained and clean can be an important step for an owner to take.

Another detail that can matter greatly when selling a business is how all the legal issues related to the sale are handled. A mishandling of such issues, even those that may seem relatively small, is among the things that could cause a business sale that seemed like it should be able to go through just fine to break down. So, when selling a business, an owner may want to bring in a skilled lawyer to help ensure that all the legal issues connected to the sale are properly attended to.

Source: Business.com, “7 Tips for Selling Your Business as the American Dream,” Bruce Hakutizwi, Sept. 29, 2016

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