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August 2016 Archives

Legal concerns for businesses following a natural disaster

Certain things could lead to a business considering deviating significantly from its standard operations and practices. One is a natural disaster striking in the area the business operates in, like the recent flooding here in Louisiana. The reason for this is that such disasters can create challenges and circumstances for a business that may make doing things the way they normally would impracticable or impossible.

What types of businesses are getting sold the most?

When a person is thinking about selling a business, what specific industry their business is in can matter quite a bit. For one, it can impact what the potential buyer pool would be for the company. It can also affect what particular practical issues and legal issues would come up in relation to a sale. Experienced business law attorneys can help company owners who are putting their business up for sale with identifying the legal issues that need to be addressed in the sale given the specifics of the business (including the industry it is in) and give them assistance in tackling such issues. 

When payments a business was expecting to receive are delayed

When it comes to the sales contracts they form with consumers or other businesses, businesses hope the other party will live up to their end of the contract by making the agreed-to payments for the provided goods/services in a timely fashion. However, this sometimes doesn’t happen. When income a business was expecting, such as payments from a sales contract, comes in later than expected or in a lesser amount than expected, it can be a major hindrance to the business’ operations.


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