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Marketing mishaps can hurt small businesses

Paying proper attention to marketing is crucial for small business owners. Marketing plays a big role in what customers a business draws in. Carelessness or mistakes when it comes to marketing can considerably harm a business.

For one, marketing mistakes could lead to the marketing strategies a small business owner employs being ineffective or actually hurting their business' standing among customers, which could have serious negative implications for their business' bottom line.

Among the marketing errors that can have these ramifications include:

  • Not giving due regard to customer experience: In today's world, customers have all different sorts of channels (including social media) to quickly convey to the world at large how they feel about a company and its services or products. So, when a company ignores customer experience in its marketing approach, their brand could be very vulnerable.  
  • Using the wrong tactics: How effective a given marketing tactic would be for a business depends on many things, including: the company’s characteristics, what marketing it already has in place and what goals it has. When a business uses a marketing tactic that is a bad fit for it, the business may find it gets very little return on its marketing investment. 
  • Not paying attention to the right data points: When evaluating a marketing strategy's effectiveness, there are all different kinds of data points a small business could look at. It is very important for a business to understand what each of these data points actually tells them and which are the best indicators of whether their particular marketing goals are being achieved. When businesses are careless in what data points they choose to focus on when evaluating marketing strategy, it could lead to them pursuing a strategy ill-suited for their actual goals. 

Some marketing mistakes can even get a small business in legal trouble. There are a variety rules present when it comes to advertising and the different channels used for marketing. A company could face legal actions if it engages in tactics which violate these rules.

Business law attorneys can help businesses with staying in compliance with the various rules that apply to them, including marketing/advertising rules. They can also help businesses accused of violating such rules or that believe a competitor has engaged in unlawful advertising/marketing conduct which has harmed them understand their legal options.

Source: Business2Community, "Top 3 Marketing Mistakes New Businesses Make," Bonnie Harris, Feb. 26, 2016

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