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March Madness and the workplace

When it comes to their employees, one thing business owners generally care about greatly is productivity. Among the things that can potentially pose worker productivity problems are workplace distractions.

An event is currently getting underway that can have workplace distraction potential: March Madness. The NCAA basketball tournament is something that, because of things like brackets, many workers here in the U.S. are very invested in and want to keep track of during work.

There are a variety of different approaches businesses could take regarding workplace policies on watching and checking in on tournament games during work.

One option is to outright ban workers from keeping up with the tournament while at work, in hopes of keeping distractions out of the workplace.

Such bans can pose challenges. For one, they can be difficult to enforce, particularly with the plethora of different ways modern technology provides for checking in on games. Also, such bans can create workplace morale problems, another thing that could hurt worker productivity.

Some businesses have gone completely the opposite route, allowing employees to watch and keep up with the tournament at work and openly embracing the tournament and having workplace activities connected to it, in hopes of boosting worker morale and team camaraderie.

Other companies go for a middle ground between these two poles when it comes to NCAA tournament policies.

As with most workplace policies, which particular NCAA tournament policy is a good match for a company depends on the specifics of the company, the work it does and its employees.

As this discussion underscores, what policies a business has when it comes to employee-related issues can have significant impacts on worker morale and productivity. Another thing it is important to note is that some workplace policies can touch on impactful legal issues. So, what policies employers have regarding employees could impact how likely the business would be to someday face litigation from their employees.

So, when coming up with a workplace policy regarding any issue, it can be very important for a business to carefully thing about its potential effects. Louisiana business law attorneys can provide businesses in the state with guidance regarding workplace policies.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, "March Madness: Some businesses will let workers watch NCAA," Joyce M. Rosenberg, March 16, 2016

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